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Discover Colderrian mounts!

Founder inactivity

All mounts created by Brissinge (WoC-Brissinge) are currently unavaliable to get customs or buy*.
Due main admin being offline, besides breeding notes, all functions of group are temporatily suspended. Events ( AAC and MYO) are still running, prolonged untill Briss returns.
This year's Colderrian grand prix is skipped, Dragon winter show might be skipped aswell.

You can only get Markhorses and geckos from Jasper-19
Ask Myval-miki about dragons and raynos
Ask Nerissien about helysarcs
Ask Esa82 about unitavruses

*If you want any of these and you don't want to wait for founder's return, contact people who already own the specie you want and try to breed it by yourself

Welcome to the World.

:bulletgreen::bulletblue:WELCOME HOME FRIEND:bulletgreen::bulletblue:
In the World of Colderra
Equines, canines, felines, dragons, reptiles, mythical beasts in one ARPG? You're on right place.

The group represents different mounts from World of Colderra and it's own story/Events. Colderra is big land with sea, mountains, great forests and many amazing creatures, that can be used for riding.

Helpful links
HOW TO BEGIN and what is 'Colderra'?

Brissinge - Main breeder*
Myval-miki - Dragons, Raynoceros breeder
Jasper-19 - Giant Gecko, Markhorse breeder
Nerissien - Helysarc breeder
Esa82 - unitavrus breeder
Rangers - Event makers
Brissinge Myval-miki Jasper-19
Blacksmiths - item crafters
Brissinge - Main blacksmith, alchemist*
Jasper-19 - General Blacksmith
seusteus77 - Alchemist
TheChotta - Unicorn Blacksmith
Conall22 - Dragon blacksmith
Bellum-Letale - Gecko blacksmith
Brissinge - humanoid blacksmith
buli-17 - special blacksmith

*MAIN means, that in case other breeders/blacksmith are out of order, you can ask Brissinge to do it, becuase I can make/breed all colderrian things/animals. In case of need.

Avaliable mounts
Common mounts
:bulletgreen: Shadowmoon bears
:bulletgreen: Feathertales dragons
:bulletgreen: Nagian Unicorns
:bulletgreen: Forest Horses
:bulletgreen: Giant Leopard Geckos
:bulletgreen: Markhorses
:bulletgreen: Kelephan Ponies
:bulletyellow: Sava'aggans
:bulletyellow: Cats
:bulletyellow: Wargs
Rare mounts
:bulletblue: Raynoceros
:bulletblue: Helysarcs
:bulletblue: Gryphons
:bulletblue: Unitavrus
:bulletblue: Dinos of Qual'Aber

Prepared mounts
:bulletred: Rynoceros (remake)

Mounts that will be probably added
:bulletwhite: Tanurian (bull/bufallo/ox like mounts)
:bulletwhite: Ram (Ram like uncommon mount for dwarves)
:bulletwhite: Hyppogryph (horse/bird gryphonish animal)


If you have any questions, ask in comments, or send a note to Founder.
We will try to answer your question as fast as possible.






Hello fellas!
This dragon is up for sale now! He has an amazing design Id say. It would be shame if he doesnt find a new home, dont you think?

Custom dragon 10 by WoC-Brissinge

He has this art already:
wrr by vantabIack Jevith (Request) by

The owner would like to sell him for points (point auction, SB 200) or art (pick some DaneTesla character and draw it in exchange for this dragon) ;)
More Journal Entries

Annual events for each season.



Latest group updates:
Under update journal you can post your ideas, notes, observations. Tho I can't promise I will be able to fullfill them all.
*EDITED*Update journal5th May 2017
- 3rd Apollonian Showing Off is in progress, consider joining :3
- Mini-event! Beer with bear is also up, have a bear? Grab it an go! :D
And we added new "feature" for our group. It's Wishlist! Now you have chance to get twice a year free gift from our group! Be sure to check it up and and join, so I will have something to pick from next month :D
Another good new, that only 2 more breed sheets for savvagans (on is 1/3 somplete) and equine MYO of three groups together (World-of-Colderra FarrosianHorse-Stud ChroniclesOfAntharia) will be on :D Just still dunno when.
It's MUDER! mini-event was moved to unknown date, since preparations and creating of story and illustration content takes much longer and m

Current events:
Azol'Amath Carnival 2017EDIT: Here's CZ/SK translation (translated in funny way :D)
AAC - CZ/SK preklad
HEY HEY HEEEEEYYYYY!!! Round 2 of azol amath carnival!
We will focus on horse show off! :D
Opened for all equine breeds!
But primary for NAGIAN UNICORNS! :D (Big Grin)
seashell Day41 - Squirtle seashellBasic info:
All horses (f riden) must be older than 2 years. Younger can be on lead to main show.
Riders must be older 15 years.
This is efford and creativity based competition.
You can wear WHATEVER you want, no rules about this.
Your horse can have ANY tack you please. Even non, if you want.
You have a horse with Special powers? BRING IT! Shine, be epic!
Number of horses is not limited. But be realistic, so you will do all in t
MYO contest! OPENEDANOTHER EDIT! Please, in describtion of entry upload, try to explain which feature on horse is take from which breed/line, so we can tell you if you haven't include something impossible!

Epic quadra MYO contest!!!

kick up you fantasy and combining abilities
:iconfarrosianhorse-stud: :iconchroniclesofantharia: :iconworld-of-colderra: :iconlisqar-equine:
Read all Info about Antharian breeds, Colderrian breeds, Quiang and about Lisqar-Equine, also group rules
Bullet; Blue

Planned events:
:bulletred: It's a MURDER! mini-event

For all events that were and are check
Events, not just from Colderra.

Useful links to journals

Check these, you might find them useful, important, informative...etc.


Ended but important:
Christmas raffle 2016
Christmas lottery 2015
Pet dragons LIMITED offer
Colderra "Job" offers


If you want to see all journals, go to the "journal" section.



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ArcticNomad Featured By Owner Sep 28, 2017
Is there anyone who could do me a forest horse custom at the moment? 
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ZaneWie Featured By Owner Jul 3, 2017  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Ahoj, mohla bych se zeptat, jak vysvětlit, co znamená arpg? Nějak si nevím rady s tím jak to vysvětlovat :D
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spookedup Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2017
How do you train?
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spookedup Featured By Owner Jun 12, 2017
is it ok to make a tack myself for my mounts?
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World-of-Fayrix Featured By Owner May 31, 2017  Hobbyist General Artist
Hey there! I'm following the group for a while now and I finally decided to drop in c: Is it true I have two free starter slots? Cause I'm really stuck with picking my first ever mount so I'd need that help a LOT XD. Also, It's my veeery first ARPG, I'm usually a noob when it comes to this so I hope I won't be messing things up P: Is it possible to start with a hybrid (I've seen that there is possible for markhorseXNagianUni to breed), or those not fall in the common mount category anymore? :) 
Thanks for any help! (I'm planning on a FT dragon and an abyssal Nagian btw, if possible maybe an abyssal X Markhorse mix, I just can't get over this dilemma XD)
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